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Frequently Asked Questions


Record with Headphones

Once you choose a song, track or instrumental, it’s time to setup pre-production studio! When you’re in the studio getting ready to record, throw on some headphones — that way you don’t have any background noises. Using headphones while recording offers the BEST quality! Users can also use Bluetooth, wireless headphones, earbuds, or even soundbars with smart television or entertainment system that has Bluetooth. Advantages of using headphones includes crisp quality sound, better microphone recording and better flow of sound to produce through Da Blueprint Application. This is also a great setting for a quiet space and if want to jump around in your groove or flow to use the phone as a mic. It’s best for quality to use headphones or Bluetooth. Make sure your phone volume is turned down a couple notches so your vocals will stand out more for a better sound. That’s it! Once you’re done mixing, you can send post your song/track to your Da Blueprint profile or share with your friends on all social media networks you use.


How to use Bar(s) counts

To count bars in our mathematical system, you must use basic math by inserting or writing on lyric sheet.   When looking at the lyric sheet, you will see the light blue tab (Lyric sheet navigation) highlighted blue over New Bar. On users’ lyric sheet where your bars and other tabs are located, you place the cursor or tap (with finger) near the beginning of the word, that placement is marked for the first half bar (0.5). The first marked new bar will be counted as 0.5. The next placement of the cursor where user can place second new bar will be counted as 1.0 bar. Each time you mark a placement, each placement bar (where cursors are placed) are each 0.5. For example, if user tap (cursor) new bar 10 placements on lyric sheet, that will equal 5 bars. For a track/song having 32 cursor separate placements would equal 16 bars. When the system has counted the placement(s), user will know when the system highlights that counted bar by a notification that will appear at the mid range of the lyric sheet and then disappear after it has been counted.


Lyric Sheet Navigation Bar

The lyric sheet navigation bar is for songwriters to be able to use for placing the New Bars, Chorus, Hook, and Bridge. This will help songwriters navigate placements for where the hooks, chorus and bridge are in your song. Users can apply these features to help write their songs.


Choosing a Song

Choosing a song, track or instrumental to record over will be in user’s audio file. These files would have to be uploaded into their audio file. The audio files have to be MP3’s or MP4’s.   


Beats Per Minute (BPM’s)

Beats Per Minute (BPM) Settings in a mobile device recording studio application. Beats Per Minute, also known BPM, is a term for measuring the tempo of a piece of music. "Tempo" is a musical term for the pace, or speed of a piece. ... For example, a time signature of 4/4 indicates that a quarter note (1/4) is one full beat, and that there are 4 beats in each measure of the song. Users will be able to adjust the speed they need to record their track or song.


Do not Disturb

User can check the Do Not Disturb and all phone notifications, SMS, receiving phone calls all will be muted. This helps our songwriters/artist when recording is to not be disturb by phone device. All activities of the mobile device will be muted while recording. To restore all notification users MUST unchecked Do Not Disturb to enable all sounds and functionalities to mobile device.



Metronome Count

The original metronome was a physical device made of wood or metal that generated an audible sound that clicked at a regular interval, in which the tempo could be set by the user, typically in the form of “beats per minute”, also known as BPM.  Musicians would use the device to practice playing or recording their instrument to a regular pulse rate and/or tempo. Manual metronome themselves included synchronized visual motion such as a swinging pendulum or a blinking light. In the same manner, Da Blueprint mobile pre-production multi track recording studio application contains a digital metronome that synchronizes the tempo of the musical track and recorded vocals in a digital platform. The red blinking light in the left top corner of the lyric sheet or writing scroll, will indicate the tempo or rhythm that was chosen by selecting 1, 2, 3, or 4, metronome count for the track that will be recorded. 



Users can play back the recorded track, song or instrumental by clicking the icon play button.  



Anything recorded or constructed data placed on Da Blueprint lyric sheet and activated through our system and shared would automatically generate data stats of that song or track. Users will be able to share their lyric sheet (with recorded stats) and audio file time stamped via social media emails, Viber, Skype, SMS, Wi-Fi Direct, Soundcloud, Bluetooth, and mostly the social media platforms you are using. For example, the name of the song, #4 Metronome count, 251 BPM’s, 16 bars, and proof that the track or song recorded is verified by Da Blueprint Application. These stats are automatically generated with our system that can be shared by our users. 

Note: Our share feature for WhatsApp is currently under construction. If there is an application you would like us to implement into Da Blueprint Application to share files with other Android Applications, please use our suggestion box to let us know.  



Users can click on the star next to saved recorded file. This can let our users know this is their favorite or this is the file they like to continue edit/working on and can revisit this file later. 


Suggestion Box

Users can contact us by using the suggestion box if there is a problem with their account. Users can also suggest features they would like us to incorporate new or better functionalities that will help our clients have a better experience with Da Blueprint Application.   

Buy Me (Subscriptions)

By subscribing, you will have the benefit of being commercial and advertisement free. To be Ads and commercial free and have no interruptions, the subscriptions are $2.99 per month or $25.99 for the year. 

Future Features Coming Soon

Da Blueprint will be uploading new content and features for all our users as we will keep developing and improving Da Blueprint mobile pre-production multi-track recording studio application. 

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