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About Da Blueprint:

Da Blueprint is the #1 mobile pre-production multi track recording studio app in the music industry! Create, write, arrange, record and share your music all from your phone. Da Blueprint will help artists to find and create music that’s inspired by a melody, a hook, that song, a new concept or idea you had to put down on wax i.e., Da Blueprint. That platinum hit song is now in pre – production and now it’s ready to take to the recording studio. You can freestyle a rap, sing that melody, write lyrics, upload that instrumental, record off that beat to the lyrics you wrote, arrange your music and set your BPM’s, and metronome counts. You can then save that file to work on that scratch track later or take it to an engineer/producer at a recording studio for production. Use Da Blueprint innovative (Copyrighted) recording studio tool to write a song, rap, or record that melody. Once you record your scratch track, you can share that recording and/or lyrics of those files on the Da Blueprint app via YouTube, Text, Snap-chat, Facebook, Twitter, Viber, SoundCloud and more. Create and setup your Blue Print profile with your name, age, information, music genre interest, give a brief description about your musical background, upload your beats or instrumentals to your playlist [audio file] and save them [to a file] privately on your account. Now it’s down on wax, that musical inspiration has been captured and saved for pre-production on Da Blueprint. Whether you're a serious upcoming artist or just looking to improve your artistry, Da Blueprint brings the studio to you and gives you a platform to perfect your musical talent, skills and inspiration on the spot. What are you waiting for, get your bars up! Literally. Step into the pre-production studio right in the palm of your hand with an innovative pre-production multitrack recording studio App. This is only the beginning, their will more to come very soon in 2019.

 Da Blueprint LLC



Mobile recording studio

Automatic digital bar(s) Count

Recording tape measurements bar(s) count

Beats per minute (BPM) control gauge

Do not disturb: Mute all calls, alerts, and notifications

Audio player and playlist

Record audio files (Playback)

Save recording files

Save lyric Sheet files

Share files - Lyric Sheets & Recording files

Pause and play audio

Mark favorite files

Share app

Rate app

Send feedback

Work for hire (Coming soon)

Da Blueprint

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